1899 Cleveland Village Directory

1890 - Cleveland - Burleigh Map (Library of Congress)
1890 – Cleveland – Burleigh Map (Library of Congress)

Public domain documents often allow us to better visualize a community’s history.  We’ve chosen two such documents as the basis from which we hope to paint a picture of Cleveland in the 1890s.

The first document is a beautiful artistic map of 1890 Cleveland.  The map is free of charge and can be downloaded in various high resolution formats from the Library of Congress website.  The second document is the 1899 Cleveland Village Directory that breaks down individuals, their occupations and religious affiliations and the village’s businesses.

As the Cleveland Historical Society continues to digitize segments of its collection, we’ll create links from this village directory to blog entries containing more detailed content about the businesses or individuals found throughout the directory.

Want to contribute to this project?  If you can identify an ancestor of yours with ties to Cleveland, we encourage you to send us any pictures or genealogical histories for inclusion.  Each entry will acknowledge the contributor and will link your resources to the individual in the directory.

Due to overall size of the document, we’ve divided it by street and split it across multiple pages for better viewing performance.  Links to each of the streets, can be accessed by their links as follows:

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