E.H. Cook – The Sand Mines

E.H. Cook - The Sand Mines
E.H. Cook – The Sand Mines

The above photograph was restored from the Cleveland Historical Society’s archive collection.  It depicts the sand mines used to support the local glass industry and eventually across the nation.

The sand mines are located on Railroad Street in Bernhards Bay, New York, right next to the old O&W railroad bed.  They are visible from the road.  In the 1950’s and and 1960’s, the location was used as a swimming hole for local youths.

Although the original photograph is not dated (it simply says 40 years ago), it does contain the following names:

  • Lorenzo Philo
  • Alex Vandewerken
  • Ed Vandewerken
  • George Taft
  • Burt Curtis
  • Amos Youmans

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