The next installment of village census data has been compiled into our village tree project.  The latest source is the 1900 United States Federal Census for the Village of Cleveland.  This census provided approximate marriage years and the more detailed relationships helped clean up a few records. A link toContinue Reading

Unfortunately, the 1890 Federal Census records for the Village of Cleveland are unavailable. The following was posted by the U.S. Census Bureau: Most of the census’ population schedules were badly damaged by a fire in the Commerce Department Building in January 1921. For more information about the fire, the National Archives publishedContinue Reading

Marsden Family History In 2017, The Apple Manor Press reprinted Kenneth L. Marsden’s George Marsden: Revolutionary Patriot, His Family, Friends and Descendants.  This historical summary of the Marsden family, originally published in 1961 is a great source of genealogy information.  In addition to the Marsden family, family sketches of selectContinue Reading

Many thanks to Kathy Darrow and all who contributed to the Memories of the North Shore publication. The following preface is taken from the publication: I wish to thank all of you good sports who took the time to record your Memories of the North Shore. My hope for thisContinue Reading