From “The Beach” to Brewerton: Stories of Oneida Lake

Jack Henke
Jack Henke, North Country Books, 09/30/2004

Over the years, there have been many publications that feature stories about the north shore community.  Jack Henke’s From “The Beach” to Brewerton: Stories of Oneida Lake is a great example of one such book.  The entire text is filled with short stories, newspaper articles and insights into some of the historic events that took place around Oneida Lake.

Although the book covers the Brewerton to Sylvan Beach region, there are a few stories specific to Cleveland that are worthy of noting.

Cleveland Style Patriotism tells the story of a community event in June of 1861 that illustrates the national pride of its residents.

In Tales From the North Shore, Joni Hines, former President of the Cleveland Historical Society, shares a story recounted by Laurence Cottet, a significant local historian.  Henke calls the story The Joys of Armistice.

The chapter Dollars Through the Ice contains two stories about fishing on Oneida Lake off of the Cleveland shoreline.  The latter story, The Fisherman in the Cod Liver Oil Ad, features Cleveland resident Timothy C. Grow.

In “Besting” the Fish Pirates, Henke features Harry E. Best.  Harry and his father both worked in the Cleveland glass factories before Harry went on to become a notable game warden around Oneida Lake.  This stories talks about his interaction with Oneida Lake pirates.

One of the stories contained in Shipwrecks talks about the Thomas H. tugboat that sunk, in what was believed to be, the vicinity of the Cleveland shoreline.  Two articles from the Syracuse Post-Standard are featured in this retelling.

Finally, there is a very nice section, App’s Boat Livery, Cleveland Harbor, featured in the Rhythms of the Lake chapter.  In addition to the text about Clarence App, there are several pictures that follow the chapter.

Of course, there are many other great stories and photographs in this book.  If you’re interested in learning about the communities around Oneida Lake, this is a must-have for your collection.

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