Memories of the North Shore Project Update

Peter Senecal and Jeanette Schmidt, circa. 1925 (Keith Schmidt)

This is just a reminder about the Memories of the North Shore Project that I e-mailed out in January. As you all know one of the main purposes of Historical Society’s is to preserve local area history.  This project is a fun and interesting way of accomplishing that goal.   If you are planning on  participating, hopefully all that are interested in preserving history, and the April 1st suggested deadline doesn’t fit your time schedule, please let me know so we can make different arrangements.

Remember, it can be short or long, picture or not. Whatever, it is meant to be a brief history of our time for future generations. I, myself, wrote a page and a half in about 15 minutes that only covered memories of winter activities. George Scriba tells me he has several pages of articles out of a scrapbook he has had for years about the Constantia area.

This project is open to all, teenagers as well as that are senior citizens. Please invite your children, neighbors, friends near and far to take part.  Anybody. that participates, will receive a copy of all the memories, one to a family.  It will not be for sale and is for the archives of the CHS.  Hope to hear from active members and members of the community of the North Shore with you donation to history,

Kathy Darrow
315-675-8688, K Darrow 407 St. Rt 49, Cleveland, NY 13042  kdarrow49@g-mail


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  1. I’d like to hear some reminiscing about Hurley’s Florist. Bristol’s Nursery. L F Bitz Store, or Coffin’s Store. Who knows of a time someone was “laid out’ at Bitz’s Funeral Parlor. How about The Globe, or Burkeys. Camuso ran the Cleveland House for awhile, anyone remember. How about Lawson’s gas pump back down his driveway. Sitting out in front of Morse’s Garage with old Roscoe Bonneau. Many memories need to be told. Read years from now, it will be like a time capsule.

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