Memories of the North Shore

Memories of the North Shore (Darrow, 2017)

Many thanks to Kathy Darrow and all who contributed to the Memories of the North Shore publication.
The following preface is taken from the publication:

I wish to thank all of you good sports who took the time to record your Memories of the North Shore.

My hope for this project was to preserve history, both of the locality and personal.  This project was open to everyone, near and far, young and old, that wanted to take part.  Our winter days can be dreary and hopefully taking time to sit and think about our own past memories livened up those days.

As you notice as you read this book, there are many types of scripts and text.  The histories are as they were submitted by the individual.  The cover was created by Gary Comins.  I asked him for his professional help and he responded with several options.  Thank you Gary!  The vintage business advertisements and articles about the North Shore are from a 1971 special section of The Citizen Outlet printed for the North Shore Chamber of Commerce, they were sponsoring “Summer Festival Days”.  These businesses are now just memories.  The three poems, Oneida Lake and its Wonderful North Shore were printed in Cleveland’s Lakeside Press sometime before the mid 1930’s because Bertram Foster died in the 30’s.

The mix of writing styles and approach to the subject was wonderful, my hopes for this project exceeded my expectations.  The Cleveland Historical Society will have a copy for reference and the only other limited editions will belong to all who contributed.

Thanks to all, Kathy Darrow
April, 2017

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  1. This sounds like a wonderful book. I am sorry that it will not be available to those who wish to purchase a copy.

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