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Marsden Family History

In 2017, The Apple Manor Press reprinted Kenneth L. Marsden’s George Marsden: Revolutionary Patriot, His Family, Friends and Descendants.  This historical summary of the Marsden family, originally published in 1961 is a great source of genealogy information.  In addition to the Marsden family, family sketches of select members of the Beers, Crocken, Bloodgett, Howe, Matthews, Page, Jewell, Potter, Davis, Lord, Mac Arthur and Northup are included.

The information found within this publication has been integrated into the CHS Community Tree, although the images have been omitted due to copyright restrictions.  You can view George Marsden’s tree entry as a starting point to explore the Marsden tree.

Cleveland Village Cemetery

Many people may be familiar with the Find A Grave website.  This site contains a large amount of information based on individuals buried in specific cemeteries.  We have integrated the records for the Cleveland Village Cemetery, over 1,000 memorials into our community.  I’d like to acknowledge the Malone family for providing us permission to use Kiely’s photos in our tree.  These images are a nice addition to the site.

Cleveland Lakeside Press

Efforts have also been made to extract birth, marriage, business ads and general stories of historical significance from the Lakeside Press papers in our digital archives.  This data has been associated with the various individuals they reference.

If you have a family history, photo collection or personal story that you’d like to share and/or include in our community tree, feel free to contact us on our Contact page.

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