1860 U.S. Federal Census – Village of Cleveland

The next installment of village census data has been compiled into our village tree project.  The latest source is the 1860 United States Federal Census for the Village of Cleveland.  Probably one of the largest challenges compiling this information to date has been the variation of surname spellings.  Many of the census entries need to be reviewed against existing entries for similar spellings.  However, it is very interesting to watch the histories of so many families evolve over time.

A link to all of the 1860 census source documents can be found at:

Of course, if you’re interested in one of the over 4,000 individuals in the tree thus far, simply navigate to the home page and entry either a surname or given name directly at http://tree.clevelandhistoricalsociety.com/index.php.

As always, if you have any family information you’re interested in contributing to the project, feel free to contact us.

—- gmsc

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