Oswego County American Legion New York State (1919-1969)


This excerpt contains references to the Cleveland #858 Post from the original document that was compiled by Grant N. Lindsley and John H. Castle in 1971 under Beyer Offset Inc., Central Square.

In the original document there are also several pages of member names and addresses for Raymond-Faulkner-Cook Post #858, as well as other Oswego County Legions for 1970, but for privacy purposes, I have opted not to post them online, although the entire book is available in the public domain, which we’ve linked to on our Military Resource Page. The individual profiles are being incorporated in the Community Tree accordingly.

Page 247

Raymond-Faulkner-Cook Post #858 – Cleveland

Raymond-Faulkner-Cook Post #858 of Cleveland, N.Y. was named in memory of:

Merritt R. Raymond
Born in 1894, the son of Reuben J. and Louise M. Raymond. He served as a Private. Was killed in France, June 21, 1918 and was buried at Bernhard’s Bay Cemetery.

Ernest P. Faulkner
Born as West Vienna, April 8, 1896, the son of James M. and Abby L. Page Faulkner. Before entering service, he worked on the Town Highway Department. He served as a Private 1st Class Machine Gun Co. 59th Infantry and was killed in action July 18, 1918 at Chateau Thierry, France. He was buried at North Bay.

F. Sigel Cook
Born at Constantia Center July 6, 1894, the son of Anon D. and Sarah Ann Dutcher Cook. Was a farm boy. He and Fred Wise were inducted into the Army the same day. As they were leaving for Oswego, young Cook said to Wise, “Fred I’m never coming back to this neck of the woods again.” He was killed in 1918 and is buried in the Baptist Church Cemetery at Constantia Center.

Page 248 – 249

The Temporary Charter was dated February 27, 1920. Vincent D. Cooper singed the application. The Permanent Charter was dated September 8, 1920.

Charter Members

Gilbert S. Cottet
Archie F. Betchior
John G. Schmidt
Willis Lockerby
Fred J. Wise

Clyde Engert
Clinton Stinger
Fred W. Houser
Raymond Cottet
Frank Schmidt

Leon A. Bonneau
Bert Winn
Howard Lambert
Leverne Hendrickson
Herbert Lewellin

Officers 1920

Vice Commander

Vincent D. Cooper
Gilbert S. Cottet
Fred J. Wise
Archie F. Batchlor
Clyde Engert
Clinton Stinger
Frank Schmidt
Raymond Cottet
Leon A. Bonneau
Fred W. Houser


1920 Vincent D. Cooper
1921 Vincent D. Cooper
1922 Gilbert S. Cottet
1923 Frederick W. Houser
1924 Frederick J. Wise
1925 Leon A. Bonneau
1926 Leon A. Bonneau
1927 Leon A. Bonneau
1928 Leon A. Bonneau
1928-29 Paul Best
1930-31 Ralph F. Armstrong
1931-32 Ralph F. Armstrong
1932-33 Vincent D. Cooper
1933-34 Vincent D. Cooper
1934-35 LaVerne Hendrickson
1935-36 LaVerne Hendrickson
1936-37 Carroll N. Best
1937-38 Carroll N. Best
1938-39 Frank Green
1939-40 Frank Green
1940-41 Vincent D. Cooper
1941-42 Verne Bryant
1942-43 Verne Bryant
1943-44 Charles Webb
1944-45 Charles Bloss
1945-46 John Bryant

1946-47 John Graham
1947-48 Walter Lindfield
1948-49 Francis Cooper
1949-50 James McGinnigle
1950-51 James McGinnigle
1951-52 John Hartigan
1952-53 Courtney Winn, Jr.
1953-54 Robert Lord
1954-55 Richard F. Buck
1955-56 John C. Veila
1956-57 Carl C. Lewis
1957-58 Charles Griesmyer
1958-59 Russell Boutlier
1959-60 Donald Phelps
1960-61 Courtney Winn, Jr.
1961-62 George R. Day
1962-63 Gerald Noreault
1963-64 George R. Day
1964-65 George R. Day
1965-66 Paul MacDougall
1966-67 Robert Johnson
1967-68 Richard Kisselstein
1968-69 Lenwood Dennison
1969-70 Arthur Loomis
1970-71 James E. Ransom

Page 428

Members of Raymond-Faulkner-Cook Post #858, American Legion
Front Row: Fred Houser, Leon Bonneau, Frank Schmidt, partially hidden, Archie F. Batchlor and Clinton Stinger. Back Row: on the left is not identified, Willis Lockerby, Gilbert S. Cottet, Vincent D. Cooper, with U.S. flag, Frank Green, John Schmidt & Rev. George MacNish.

The first commander was Vincent Cooper. The Cleveland Legionnaires first met in homes around town. Later they rented rooms in the Gallagher Block – moved up over the Post Office and then bought the bank, which is now the home of their Post and Auxiliary. Harry Holland (Bugler) shown with instrument.

Page 429

Following a parade; Front Row: George R. Day, Past Co. Commander hidden by the Flag, Paul MacDougal, Richard F. Griesmyer and Louis Brockway. Back Row: Charles Griesmyer, Lenwood Dennison and Arthur Loomis.

Page 432

From Left: Lysle J. Ecker (Altmar), Leonard Figie (Central Square), Donald Clements (Fulton), James Blanchard (Hannibal), Standing: Charles G. Aspinwall (Mexico), Ray Torbitt (Minetto), Walter Dobrowsky (Oswego), Joseph Doblac (Parish), Louis Gibbs (Pulaski), George R. Day (Cleveland)

Page 46-54

Oswego County American Legion Officers

1933-34 Chaplain, Rev. George McNish
1934-35 Vice-Comm. Vincent D. Cooper
1935-36 Vice-Comm. Vincent D. Cooper
1936-37 Vice-Comm. Vincent D. Cooper
1937-38 Comm. Vincent D. Cooper
1938-39 Vice-Comm. Carroll N. Best

1964-65 Chaplain, George R. Day
1965-66 Vice-Comm. George R. Day
1966-67 Vice-Comm. George R. Day
1967-68 Vice-Comm. George R. Day
1968-69 Comm. George R. Day
1968-69 Adjutant James E. Ransom
1970-71 Vice-Comm. James E. Ransom
1971-72 Adjutant James E. Ransom

Page 124


Vincent D. Cooper was born April 8, 1897 in Cleveland. He is a graduate of the Cleveland High School.

At the beginning of WWI, he enlisted in the 22nd Engineers, A.E.F. He was discharged in late 1919 and returned home.

Vince married Miss Mary Hogan of Oswego. He was a State Trooper for twelve years and also ran an ice cream business for a time. He was justice of Peace in Cleveland.

Vince was one of the founders of the Raymond-Faulkner-Cook American Post #858 of Cleveland, N.Y. and its first commander. He was County Commander of the American Legion in 1938 the year that the Legion had a large County Convention and meeting in Cleveland with a street parade. This was followed by a dinner at the Parish House of the Episcopal Church with the Rev. McNish as Host.

He has a son, Francis, who is Deputy Sheriff of Oswego County patrolling the Cleveland area … also Past Commander of Raymond-Faulkner-Cook Post #858 of Cleveland, N.Y.

Page 126


George R. Day was born in Syracuse September 20,1926, the son of George W. Day and Madelene E. Garcia Day. He graduated from High School.

He entered the service in Sept. of 1944 and went to Sampson, N.Y. for basic training. He graduated from Electrician’s Mate School at Bainbridge, Md. and received the EM2 rating in the U.S. Navy. He serve on the U.S.S. APL31 in the South Pacific and spent six months in the Japanese occupation. He served on the U.S.S. Reina Mercedes, Annapolis, Md. and was honorably discharged September 1947.

He is married to Helen P. Day and they have eight children. George became an electrician by trade.

He joined the Fayetteville Post #369 in October of 1947. Served as Sgt.at.Arms, 1st, 2nd and 3rd Vice Commander of that Post before transferring to Raymond-Faulkner-Cook Post #858 at Cleveland in 1958.

George served four Commanders as Adjutant, one year as 2nd Vice Commander and three terms as Commander, was Chaplin, 2nd Vice Commander, 1st Vice Commander and Commander of the Oswego County Organization of the American Legion in 1968-69. He belonged to many posts in the Oswego County Voiture 895 and was Chef de Gare from 1968-1970 as well as Grand Cheminot of the 50th District 40 & 8 during 1970.

Page 59-61

Oswego County American Legion
Auxiliary Chairmen And Secretaries 1922-1971


1949 – Mary Hogan Cooper (Cleary)
1950 – Mary Hogan Cooper (Cleary)
1971 – Helen Pratt Day


1949 – Pauline Collier Buck
1950 – Jeanette Hood Robars

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