1875 New York State Village Census

Well, it’s taken a while, but we’ve finally completed the data input for the 1875 New York State Census for the Village of Cleveland.  In addition to scanning each of the original pages, all of the individuals on the survey have been integrated into our community tree with citations to all facts pulled from the census.

There are a couple of different ways to reach the data, the most direct is by accessing the source document directly from http://tree.clevelandhistoricalsociety.com/showsource.php?sourceID=S61&tree=CHSTree01.

1875 Census - Media Screen Shot 1
1875 Census – Media Screen Shot 1

When you first connect to the page, you’ll see a listing of the all users cited in the census.  You can click on any of the links to display the individual’s information, as well as links to other family members and other data cited from sources already entered into the database.

1875 Census – Media Screen Shot 1b
1875 Census – Media Screen Shot 1b

You’ll soon notice that all of the individuals or all of the families is not listed.  This is to keep the size of the page down.  If you look closely to last entry just above I start listing the families, you see a link to list “more individuals”.  This will give you the next page of data and the family links associated with those individuals.

1875 Census – Media Screen Shot 2
1875 Census – Media Screen Shot 2

If you scroll the down the page a little further, you will see links to each scanned page in the documents section.  Click on the link and the image will be displayed for your viewing.

—- gmsc

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