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N.Y. State Census

U.S. Federal Census

United States Federal Census for the Village of Cleveland

CHS Compilations

1866-1867 Oswego County Business Directory 
An excerpt from the Chiles Oswego County Business Directory. It contains references to Bernhards Bay, Constantia adn Cleveland.

1878 – 1937 Opera House Clippings
Newspaper clippings regarding the Cleveland/App’s Opera House spanning 1878 – 1937.

1920-1922 Cleveland Registry Delivery Book
A scan of all pages found in the Cleveland postmaster’s book from 1920 to 1922.

1935 Cleveland High Spot, Cleveland Union School Yearbook

Special Collections

1899 Cleveland Village Directory

This public domain document contains the resident and business names and their street locations from 1899. Additional details such as religious affiliation and occupation are also included.

OverviewBusiness Street, Caswell Street, Center Street, Clay Street, Division Street, East Bridge Street, East Lake StreetFactory Street, Kathern Street, North Street, West Bridge Street, West Lake Street, West Street

Family Histories