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1899 Cleveland Village Directory: This public domain document contains the resident and business names and their street locations from 1899. Additional details such as religious affiliation and occupation are also included.

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Cleveland, NY Population
Census 2000 and 2010
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DataUSA: Cleveland, NY
2018 Census Summary
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  • 1794 Scriba Patent Map, (1794) [Map]
    Viewed from CHS Archives
  • 1867 Cleveland Village Map
    Stone, C.K. (1867), Oswego County 1867 [Map]
    Viewed from Historic Map Works
  • 1867 Constantia Map
    Stone, C.K. (1867), Oswego County 1867 [Map]
    Viewed from Historic Map Works
  • 1890 Cleveland Village Bird’s Eye Map
    Burleigh, L. R. & Burleigh Litho. (1890) Cleveland, N.Y. Troy, N.Y.: Published by L.R. Burleigh. [Map]
    Viewed from the Library of Congress.
  • 1981 Surficial Geology of Panther Lake Quadrangle, Oswego County, New York, T.S. Miller [Map]
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  • xxxx Cleveland Waterfront and Recreational Resources Map, Reehil, Roy, (n.d.). [Map]
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Cleveland Topo Maps
Reeves, R., New York State Dept. of Works, (1941)
Retrieved from USGS Historical Topographic Map Explorer

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