Table of Contents Introduction by Gary M. Comins Francis Adrian Van der Kemp by Janette Dunnigan Kempwick by Tom Pierce New York State Department of Education Historical Marker Timeline   Introduction One of the first prominent settlers from the Cleveland area was Francis Adrian Van der Kemp.  This blog postContinue Reading

Public domain documents often allow us to better visualize a community’s history.  We’ve chosen two such documents as the basis from which we hope to paint a picture of Cleveland in the 1890s. The first document is a beautiful artistic map of 1890 Cleveland.  The map is free of chargeContinue Reading

Charles Champlin relocated to Cleveland in 1942 to live with his mother, Katherine Marietta Masson, and stepfather, Charles Haynes, a Cleveland native.  His autobiography, A Life in Writing: The Story of an American Journalist, provides a glimpse into the life of Mr. Champlin, who went on to write for LifeContinue Reading

Contents Preface Introduction Glass History The New Plant Officers Directors Executive Board Stockholders Blowers Gathers Flatteners Cutters Epilogue Preface In 2005, the Cleveland Historical Society produced a brochure titled Historical Souvenir of Cleveland’s Best Industry.  The document is a reproduction of an article printed by Lakeside Press Print (Cleveland, NY)Continue Reading