After a week long camp, the Children’s Glassworks Theater debuted Treasure Island! Young Pirates of the Caribbean last night.  The kids did a great job with the Marge Thomas Production, adapted for the stage by Kathryn Schultz Miller and directed by Sonya Domachowske and Victoria Biela. The Children’s Glassworks TheaterContinue Reading

Since 2004, Everett Rand’s elegant sign has stood in front of St. James Church, announcing it to be the home of the Cleveland Historical Society.  However, after years of Central New York weather, the sign had become in desperate need of repair. At closer inspection, it became apparent that theContinue Reading

Contents Preface Introduction Glass History The New Plant Officers Directors Executive Board Stockholders Blowers Gathers Flatteners Cutters Epilogue Preface In 2005, the Cleveland Historical Society produced a brochure titled Historical Souvenir of Cleveland’s Best Industry.  The document is a reproduction of an article printed by Lakeside Press Print (Cleveland, NY)Continue Reading