The above photograph was restored from the Cleveland Historical Society’s archive collection.  It depicts the sand mines used to support the local glass industry and eventually across the nation. The sand mines are located on Railroad Street in Bernhards Bay, New York, right next to the old O&W railroad bed.Continue Reading

    This blog post reproduces the outstanding article written by Frederick G. Griesmyer titled The Story of the Rise and Fall of Cleveland as Center for New York Glass Works.  Originally published in Courier Magazine in January of 1954, Mr. Griesmyer, a former worker at the Getman Glass Factory,Continue Reading

Charles Champlin relocated to Cleveland in 1942 to live with his mother, Katherine Marietta Masson, and stepfather, Charles Haynes, a Cleveland native.  His autobiography, A Life in Writing: The Story of an American Journalist, provides a glimpse into the life of Mr. Champlin, who went on to write for LifeContinue Reading