This week, the Cleveland Historical Society finished their 2015 lecture series on a high note.  We’d like to thank Jack Henke for delivering a very nice presentation on Oneida Lake, with a strong focus on the North Shore. Thursday night’s presentation had all of the components that make for aContinue Reading

Once again, Jack Henke has compiled a collection of stories highlighting the history of and around Oneida Lake.  In Tales of Oneida Lake, the following chapters specifically focus on stories about Cleveland and it’s residents: Vignettes of Frenchman’s Island features an article, “A Tale of Lake Oneida”, published by theContinue Reading

Over the years, there have been many publications that feature stories about the north shore community.  Jack Henke’s From “The Beach” to Brewerton: Stories of Oneida Lake is a great example of one such book.  The entire text is filled with short stories, newspaper articles and insights into some ofContinue Reading